Storage Unit Benefits Post Flood

Published on 6/3/2024

Using a storage unit after a flood in North Texas can be beneficial for several reasons:

1. Temporary Storage: If your home was damaged by the flood, you may need a temporary place to store your belongings while your home is being repaired or renovated.

2. Protecting Belongings: Storing items in a storage unit can help protect them from further damage while your home is being restored. 

3. Sorting and Cleaning: A storage unit provides a space where you can sort through your belongings, clean items that were affected by the flood, and decide what to keep, discard, or donate.

4. Insurance Purposes: If you have flood insurance, storing your belongings in a storage unit can help with the assessment process for your insurance claim.

5. Convenience: Having a storage unit nearby can make it easier to access your belongings during the restoration process, especially if you need to retrieve items or store new purchases.

6. Safety: Storing items in a secure storage facility can provide peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and protected during a difficult time.

If you had a recent flood in your home and are looking for a storage unit near North Texas, give us a call at Across The Tracks Storage at 903-294-9634.