Using a storage unit while building a home

Published on 4/12/2024

Having a storage unit available with no contract when building a house can offer several benefits:

1. Flexibility: Without a contract, you have the flexibility to use the storage unit for as long or as little as you need. This is especially helpful during the unpredictable timelines of home construction.

2. Cost-Effective: Since you only pay for the time you use the unit, you can save money compared to signing a long-term contract for storage space that you might not need for the entire duration of the construction project.

3. Convenience: Having a storage unit nearby can make it easier to store and access your belongings during the construction process. You can quickly retrieve items you need and keep your construction site organized.

4. Security: A reputable storage facility will offer security features such as surveillance cameras and secure personal locks, ensuring that your belongings are safe while you focus on building your home.

5. Space Management: Keeping your belongings in a storage unit frees up space on your property, allowing for easier movement of construction materials and equipment.

6. Protection from Damage: Storing your belongings in a storage unit protects them from potential damage during the construction process, such as dust, debris, or accidental damage from construction activities.

Overall, having a storage unit available with no contract provides the flexibility, convenience, and security needed during the home-building process. If you’re in the process of building a home and are looking for temporary storage, give us a call at Across The Tracks Storage at 903-294-9634.